About us

GDM Motors has years of experience in high-quality body repair of classic cars, and restoration of old-timers for road use or racing purposes. Experience and craftsmanship in every step of the restoration process makes us the ideal partner.

High-tech infrastructure and technology

In our workplace, knowledge and technology go hand in hand. This considerably shortens the time of a complete renovation. Our specialization ranges from small panel repairs to complete bodywork innovations.

The qualified employees of GDM Motors have the forgotten skills of the past. We have place bearings and vertinners.

Quick and efficient

GDM Motors consists of a team of 15 specialists, each on their own level. Once your project is started, it is also finished, naturally with respect to drying times.

Your project is fully monitored by us. Hours and parts are carefully monitored. We will keep you informed of progress during the process.

Affordable with quality guarantee

All work is done in house at an affordable hourly rate which allows us to deliver top quality for a very justified price.

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