A Porsche 911 on Safari

Did you know that the very first race of the Porsche 911 was in fact a rally? In 1966 Porsche offered the option rally kit consisting of a pair of Recaro seats, roll bar, a 100 liter fuel tank and adjustable Koni shock absorbers. The kit was intended for customers who wanted to participate in rallies over long distances.

The history of the 911 rally continued in the 1980s with the factory-sponsored Prodrive SC RSs, a precursor to the Paris-Dakar-winning 953 from 1984 and later the 959.

The air-cooled 911 remains a regular participant in the rally world, with great success thanks to British Porsche specialists, Tuthills. They brought classic 911s in various rallies around the world with the legendary rally master Björn Waldegård.

Rally is not an offshoot of the Porsche 911 but is in Porsche's DNA

In the meantime Safari 911 Porsches have made their appearance in the past two to three years, thanks to Matt Kenyon and Makellos Classics. With his Safari Porsche 911 he has built a Porsche that you can ride off-road on a legitimate basis.

The 911 in question is a European SC from 1978 with 125,000 kilometers on the odometer. In 2018 Matt Kenyon built a rally specification for this 911. The car was completely stripped and then reinforced and rebuilt with a complete rally version.

Source: total911.com