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100 years of Zagato

The Italian carbuilder Zagato recently celebrated his 100th birthday. Over a century, the company built an estimated 440 unique Zagato creations.

The wonderful world of Singer

The American Singer has evolved over the years from restorer of the classic 911 to a real brand name that ensures open mouths and doors all over the world.

The Outlaw 356 RSR from Emory

Emory Motorsports has been transforming Porsches since the 1990s into exceptional vehicles with build quality and attention to the smallest details. One of their newest creation is the 356 RSR.

Old love does not rust

After a long time, Graham fulfilled his dream of owning a 911. But when he had to go abroad to work, his 911 T from 1969 was left behind.

The historical roots of the 911 R

In 2016, Porsche presented the 911 R at the Geneva International Motor Show. His ancestor appeared a little less than 40 years ago with 210 hp, approved for use on the road.