The extreme outlaw

Ruf has built his entire reputation around tuning the Porsche 911. Now Ruf has his own 911 ready for the first time.

In 1987 Ruf made history with the first CTR "Yellowbird", based on a 911 Turbo. The name Yellowbird has stuck, and to honor the most famous of all Rufs, Aloïs Ruf thought it was time to release a birthday edition: this Ruf CTR Yellowbird Anniversary Edition.


The new Yellowbird is not an improved 911, but a completely new car. Compared to the youngest 911 Turbo, which weighs 1600 kg, the new Ruf CTR weighs just 1200 kg. The chassis is made entirely of carbon, with a tubular steel structure at the front and rear. The body is also carbon. The new CTR has the upright lights because that's the DNA of the 911, Ruf said.

Own Ruf-Porsche engine

The engine is a completely own Ruf creation, but a flat-six six-cylinder boxer engine of 3.6 liters according to Porsche recipe, 710 hp strong with 880 Nm of torque.

Like a canon ball

The needle of the speedometer shoots up, while you click quickly from one of the seven gears into the manual gearbox.

The handling of this CTR is just as impressive. Thanks to its low weight, it frolics from one corner to the other. You draw razor sharp lines through the bend.

The 50 planned CTR "Anniversary" models are already sold, but with the SCR there is a "CTR Light" coming up, the production of which is not limited.