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Aston martin GT4 leaving the pit at the 24h Nürburgring race 2023

GT Racing


PROsport Racing delivers on track support for Punch’s racing activities. It has the necessary experience, the qualified staff and a proven track record to support testing and racing activities in Europe.  


The team of Chris Esser is based in Wiesemsheid, next to the legendary Nordschleife. 


The Nürburgring is the preferred testing track of all renowned car manufacturers as it is probably the most demanding and challenging race track in the world.   

Aston Martin GT3 and GT4 cars on the Nürburgring

Meet the team

Our race cars

Aston Martin GT3 car

Aston Martin
Vantage GT3

4 litres V8 BiTurbo
550 hp (BoP)

Aston Martin
Vantage GT4

4 litres V8 BiTurbo
430 hp (BoP)

Aston Martin GT4 car


Development partner

PUNCH Torino leads the engineering of innovative propulsion systems, based on the unique combined expertise of developing, producing and integrating proven technologies, systems and processes towards turnkey solutions.


Punch Racing is the ideal development partner to test new systems and technologies on the most demanding race track in the world, the Nürburgring.  

PUNCH Torino Test Bench

Test Driver


Nico Verdonck


Race starts


Podium finishes


Raced cars


Raced circuits

Race Pictures

24H Movie

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