Volvo 240 Group A

Our Volvo 240 T Group A is rebuild as an exact copy, but with even better quality parts and newer technology. Engine performance has been significantly improved, as have the suspension and brakes. In fact every element has been rethought and improved to produce a car that performs beyond expectations.


The turbo charged 2127cc Volvo B21 engine delivers 345 HP without water injection. Once this water injection system is operational the performance will be significantly improved,  375 HP can easily be reached. The engine is connected to a Getrag M51 5speed gearbox with dogleg pattern. The clutch is a single plate sinter clutch.


The Öhlins suspension is custom made for the 240 and it’s a great advantage compared with other group A cars that FIA allows us to use this type of dampers as they are 2 way adjustable. With a set of springs especially developed to work perfectly in sync with these dampers results are promising.


We hope to exceed your wildest dreams and we expect some jaw dropping once this ‘Flying brick’ competes in the Peterauto series in 2020.


Laurent Vandeputte

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