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  • V8 Lucas mechanical fuel injection

  • 3.532cc

  • 5.473cc 

  • 330 HP 

  • 290 Nm 

  • Price: € 175.000



The Car

The Rover TWR Bastos, a prominent figure in the world of racing during the 1980s, epitomizes the fusion of innovative engineering and competitive spirit. This car was a result of the collaboration between Rover and Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR), a union that aimed to dominate the touring car racing scene.


Under the hood, the Rover TWR Bastos was equipped with a robust V8 engine, a hallmark of Rover's engineering at the time. This engine was not only powerful but also reliable, making the car a formidable contender on the track. The car's performance was further enhanced by TWR's racing expertise, which included modifications for better handling, speed, and durability under the demanding conditions of competitive racing.

The design of the Rover TWR Bastos was distinct and functional. Its aerodynamic shape, combined with a lightweight yet sturdy chassis, allowed for optimal performance at high speeds. The car's livery, featuring the red and white colors of the Bastos brand, made it instantly recognizable on the racing circuit.

In competition, the Rover TWR Bastos achieved significant success, particularly in the European Touring Car Championship. Its combination of power, agility, and endurance made it a tough competitor against other leading manufacturers of the time. The car's achievements on the track helped to bolster Rover's reputation as a maker of not just reliable road cars but also potent racing machines.

The legacy of the Rover TWR Bastos extends beyond its racing victories. It represents an era in motorsports where innovation, collaboration, and branding coalesced to produce remarkable machines that captivated audiences and inspired future generations of racing cars and enthusiasts. The Rover TWR Bastos remains a symbol of this dynamic and exciting period in the history of automobile racing.

Technical Data


Engine 3532cc V8, OHV,

Lucas mechanical fuel injection


330 HP​

290 Nm


5-speed manual



240 km/h


€ 175.000

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