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Victory at 12h Nürburgring

12 Sept 2023

GDM Motors Claims Victory at 12h Nürburgring

GDM Motors achieved a triumphant victory at the renowned 12h Nürburgring in the Nürburgring Endurance Series. The team, racing with two Aston Martins, faced initial setbacks on Saturday with a puncture forcing a GT3 retirement, but Sunday saw a riveting comeback.

Marek Böckmann, a noteworthy addition to the team, helped secure second place on the grid with the GT3, marking a historic moment as the car took up an NLS race from the front row for the first time. The team went on to clinch third overall, celebrating their third class victory in the SP9 Pro-Am class in 2023.

Meanwhile, the GT4 drivers, Guido Dumarey, Michael Hess, and Rudi Adams, demonstrated remarkable consistency, earning third and fourth positions over the weekend.

GT3 Driver Maxime Dumarey, expressed immense pride in the team’s continuous improvement and stellar performance, emphasizing the perfect preparation of the cars by the mechanics and engineers, which allowed the car to win. This victory at the 12h Nürburgring symbolizes GDM Motors resilience, meticulous preparation by PROsport Racing and setting high anticipation for their upcoming races.

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